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Eden and Einstein Academy

Yoga, Tutoring & Academic Coaching

*Eden's Little Yogis- Yoga for Kids

*Reading & Executive Skills Teacher

Is your student struggling? We have programs to address: Grades and Study Habits~Public Speaking (Self-Esteem and Confidence)~ Tutoring in Reading, Math, Science, History and English-All Grade Levels.

The "1305 Practice" is a Strategic Modification Program to help your Student get On-Track in School and Life-all services provided by Eden Cook. Program includes: Daily accountability, Study skills, learning strategies, organization, short and long term goals, schedule and routine-home and school, stress management,

Encouragement VS. Enabling.

Eden Cook is an Award-Winning Teacher and Children's Yoga Instructor. She teaches Intensive Language Arts at SHS and developed the "1305 Practice" based on the strategies she continues to teach. She continues to maintain contact with years of former students who have credited her with their successful practices today. 

1305 Practice

Student Testimonials...

When reflecting back on my high school years, I think about how volatile I was. I wanted guidance, support and someone to be confident in my abilities when I was not. Mrs. Cook undoubtedly fulfilled all of these needs, allowing me to grow comfortable and build confidence in my work. This carried over to other aspects of my life and has impacted me greatly. She did this by having an open door policy, by always offering advice, by not shaming you when you were wrong but by

giving you tools and encouragement to do better in the future

I chose to stay in touch with Mrs. Cook over the last 6 years because she made a positive impact on me at an age when I needed it the most. Over the years, I have seen that she has continued to do so. Now, doing even more to bring out the best in our youth. Her love and compassion is unlike any others.

Today, I am in Dental Hygiene school and am a member of the Phi Theta Kappa honor society. I will be graduating with honors in May 2015. Each and every day I apply the knowledge and confidence she instilled in me. I couldn't be more thankful for her patience, support and guidance many years ago at SHS.

-Trevlyn D.

~Mrs. Cook is the most passionate, loving, and patient woman in this world! As a former student of hers, I can attest that she loves to help children find their true self. She is never quick to judge, is filled with radiant positive energy, and helps people of all ages feel grounded. She has helped me find my own confidence and self worth. I love her focus on mindfulness and universal oneness! I am now 23 and a successful business owner!

Thank you Mrs. Cook! -Chelsea K.